The EDW Agile Release Train

Formed in March 2012, the EDW Release Train was Australia's first SAFe implementation. Predating the formal launch Scaled Agile Framework, it was inspired by +Dean Leffingwell's books Scaling Software Agility and Agile Software Requirements. This train appears in two official SAFe case studies. This page list links to blog posts, articles, interviews and presentations about the EDWAgile Release Train.

Scaled Agile Framework Applied by +Mark Richards

In the Beginning

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Measuring Team Happiness

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Launching Agile Release Train While Standing in a Waterfall

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Time to catch another train...

Passing the Baton: The Role of Leadership in Sustainable Agile Transformations

Interview with Skytap: Em Campbell-Pretty on Scaling Agile, Culture, Teams, and Tribes

Podcast with The Agile Revolution:  Context Matters in SAFe with Em Campbell-Pretty